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Rockport Investment Partners


Business Consulting

About Us

Rockport Investment Partners is a financial consulting firm that seamlessly integrates valuation, merger and acquisition assistance, and investment banking services. We support asset managers, investors, owners, buyers, and sellers of private companies and small businesses with clear and meaningful financial analysis and advice, and champion their interests in a transaction. We build relationships and collaborate with our clients, their advisors, and other trusted experts, with a goal of positively impacting each through our efforts.

Why Rockport?
• Strong Beliefs: We are passionate advisors grounded in values and principles, and motivated by the calling to serve and impact people and organizations.
• Deep Expertise and Experience: We draw from our training, experience, and relationships from years of client service at leading consulting firms.
• Extensive Relationships: We consult with experts across industries and disciplines to solve challenges and close transactions.
Value: We deliver first-rate services with flexible engagement structures so you can avoid the burden of significant overhead investments.