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Performance Physical Therapy


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About Us

Performance Physical Therapy
Specializing in Injury Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy (Physiotherapy)
Being the best is what drives us. It's about enabling you to perform and move your best. Each of us depends on our body for every day movement and activity, and often for our livelihood.

To Performance Physical Therapy, being the best is about having the best board-certified professionals, facilities, and technology. Performance Physical Therapy combines state-of-the art knowledge in physical therapy (physiotherapy) and highly personal attention with the most modern equipment available to injury rehabilitation centers.

Our patients trust us to achieve significant improvement for their physical therapy and injury rehabilitation issues:
· Post-surgical rehabilitation
· Knee and hip replacements
· Osteoarthritis
· Overuse injuries
· Back and neck pain
· Sports injuries
· Neurological conditions
· Adolescent growth related injuries

You can make an appointment to see us directly -- with or without a referral. Being your best starts with the human performance experts; it starts with Performance Physical Therapy.