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About Us

Li Financial Services is an independent financial planning and investment advisory practice
focusing on client needs. We educate our clients on how to plan for:

? Investments
? Insurance covering Life & Health, Disability, and Long-term care
? Retirement
? Education funding
? Taxation
? Estates and Trusts

Clients tell us that they trust us because we take time to listen to their needs and concerns while being patient in providing clear, concise explanations. Clients come to us often when they are facing major life transitions such as starting a family or new job, retirement or other life challenges. We are dedicated to enabling our clients to reach their financial dreams no matter whether they are single, married, divorced, with or without children. Assistance is available for small business owners who require business continuity planning and who want to provide their employees with group health and life insurance, Simple IRA,SEP IRA and 401K options. Educating our clients is a top priority because it enables them to understand the financial implications of alternative financial choices and their risk tolerance. We guide clients in making
informed decisions in dealing with the challenges of today's economic environment.

Mei Li is the founder and president of Li Financial Services, an independent financial planning and registered advisory practice located in Westport, Connecticut. She has served in the financial industry for over a decade after working ten years as an aerospace