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Norwalk Housing Authority


Philanthropic Organizations

About Us

The Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk (NHA) provides quality affordable housing for low-income residents. The NHA has an innovative, integrative approach to motivate, educate and liberate its residents from youth to adulthood to achieve self-sufficiency. In 2000, the NHA created the Norwalk Housing Foundation, Inc. (NHF), a non-profit organization qualified under IRC Section 501(c)(3), to raise money for college scholarships and other educational services for NHA families. The mission of the NHF College Scholarship Program is to break the cycle of poverty by enabling residents to earn a college degree, start or further their career and ultimately transition out of public housing.

The NHF College Scholarship Program provides qualified Norwalk Public Housing residents with a college scholarship award so they can attend an accredited two- or four-year institution as a full time matriculating student. In order to receive a scholarship the student must be a resident of public housing in Norwalk. These awards help defray the cost of their education so students can focus on their studies, earn a degree and ultimately transition out of public housing.