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Heller, LLC



About Us

Heller has created a simple paradigm: through industrial production, to offer good design at affordable prices.
Since 1971, Heller has worked with some of the world’s finest designers. Heller products are beautiful and timeless. Used by leading architects for museums, offices, and restaurants as well as homes. Perfect for indoors and outdoors. Manufactured in the USA. Recyclable. Industrially produced and ready to ship.

A brief history
For over 50 years, Heller has offered leading designers the opportunity to work with new technologies to create innovative products. Heller continues to explore new processes for manufacturing furniture.

Incorporated in 1971, Heller’s first product was a line of stacking dinnerware designed by Massimo Vignelli. Winner of a Compasso d’Oro award in Italy, it is included in the Museum of Modern Art permanent design collection, New York.

Heller’s furniture division was launched in 1998. The first chair, The Bellini Chair designed by Mario Bellini, won the Compasso d’Oro in 2001. Since then, Heller has worked with other celebrated designers: Massimo & Lella Vignelli, Philippe Starck, Mario Bellini, Vico Magistretti, William Sawaya, Frank Gehry, and Studio 65.


Gallery Image Heller_SU22_2018_FloatCube_White_1122.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1033_Vignelli_Rocker_Red_Bag_949.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1030_Vignelli_Cube_Yellow_1258.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1030_Vignelli_Cube_White_575.jpg
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Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1020_Gehry_EasyChair_Yellow_Pair_069.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1020_Gehry_EasyChair_Silver_Cards_459.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1018_Gehry_Bench_Silver_Skates_790.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1016_Gehry_LeftTwistCube_Silver_1294.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1010_Bellini_MB2_White_Bathingsuit_359.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1003_Bellini_Tavollini_Black_1103.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1000_Bellini_Chair_DarkGrey_1197.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_2036_FloatCube_White_1051.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1035_Vignelli_Bench_Small_Yellow_907.jpg
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Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1035_Vignelli_Bench_Small_Green_392.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1030_Vignelli_Cube_Yellow_700.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1021_Gehry_Sofa_Silver_260.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_1000_Bellini_Chair_DarkGrey_629.jpg
Gallery Image Heller_SU22_0000_Vignelli_Hellerware_White_1007.jpg