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Circle of Care

Circle of Care


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About Us

“Circle of Care is a non-profit, volunteer-driven organization that provides emotional and financial support to Connecticut families directly affected by childhood cancer. It's a journey we know well because we've been there ourselves. Founded in 2003, Circle of Care was born from the experiences of parents of pediatric cancer patients: founders Liz Salguero and Dawn Ladenheim met through a support group for parents and siblings of children with cancer. After their children completed treatment, Liz and Dawn wanted to help make the journey easier for families that would follow their path. Twenty years later, their children are living healthy and fulfilling lives, and Circle of Care has become a leading pediatric cancer support organization in Connecticut.

We believe that the path to healing extends beyond medicine and we offer services tailored to address the distinct and demanding, non-medical challenges families encounter throughout their entire journey with pediatric cancer.